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Current 2016 certification as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor along with up to date education in computerized accounting software. Years of experience from ownership of a 400 customer/day supply house with inventory and credit customers numbering in the thousands. We are comfortable with numbers – recording them, tracking them, organizing them, and analyzing them. Lastly to ensure protection for you – we carry Business Liability Insurance against Errors and Omissions in handling financial data.

We are here to help you automate and computerize processes, simplify tasks that are regulatory or best practices, and create analytical documentation to allow our clients more time to devote to either other business tasks and their own personal lives.

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 images1   blylyl   QuickBooks experience since the mid 1990s

 images1   blylyl   College Certification program in Bookkeeping

 images1   blylyl   Errors & Omissions (E&O) Liability Insurance

 images1   blylyl   Business degree in Economics with computer programming

 images1   blylyl   QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification   desktop and online

 images1   blylyl   Understands bottom line (P/L) increase is THE goal

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